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Restoring the Lacey Lady to Fly Again

Bomber B-17

Restoring the Lacey Lady to Fly Again

Miles Fiberglass & Composites (MFC) proudly sponsors the Bombers’ ambitious long-term project, “Restoring the Lacey Lady to Fly Again,” led by the B-17 Alliance Foundation Museum and Restoration Hangar. This endeavor aims to resurrect the indomitable American spirit that shaped our nation.

For over a decade, MFC has been a dedicated supporter of the Bomber and the B-17 Alliance Foundation. We understand the importance of preserving history and providing educational experiences for future generations.

The Bomber Restaurant in Milwaukie, Oregon, held a special place in the community’s heart for an impressive 73 years. It all started in 1947 when Art Lacey acquired a B-17 bomber for $13,000 and transformed his gas station into a legendary landmark.

Art Lacey’s vision extended beyond the gas station. He established the Bomber Restaurant and motel, immersing visitors in the nostalgic ambiance of the World War II era. Dining beneath the wings of the B-17 became a unique experience, while the motel offered a retreat surrounded by history.

Although the gas station closed in 1991, the legacy of the Bomber Restaurant and its B-17 lived on. The Lacey family recognized the aircraft’s value as a historical artifact and began restoring it in the early 2000s. They even opened an onsite museum, sharing the story of the Lacey Lady with visitors. 

The restoration journey has not been without challenges. The Laceys have invested significant funds to restore the nosecone, transport the B-17, and initiate essential repairs. Punkie Scott, Art and Birdine Lacey’s daughter, estimates the total cost of the project to be over $8.5 million.

MFC acknowledges the unwavering dedication of the Lacey family and the B-17 Alliance Foundation in preserving this historic aircraft. Their commitment and passion inspire us to support this noble cause.

As the restoration progresses, the completion of the cockpit structure by September 2023 approaches. MFC eagerly awaits the day when the Lacey Lady will take flight once again. We continue to stand behind this remarkable endeavor and its mission to bring history to life.

Preserving our past allows future generations to connect with history and learn valuable lessons. Let us celebrate the shared passion for heritage preservation and the indomitable American spirit embodied by the Bomber Restaurant and the B-17 Alliance Foundation.

Join us in supporting the B-17 Alliance Foundation and their tireless efforts to preserve the Lacey Lady for generations to come. Together, we can ensure that this iconic aircraft continues to inspire and educate future explorers of our nation’s history.

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