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The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) is a military vehicle designed to replace the aging Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) used by the United States Army and Marine Corps. The JLTV is a versatile, highly mobile, and transportable vehicle that is designed to perform a wide range of mission sets.

The JLTV comes in multiple models with different configurations, M1278, M1279, M1280, M1281.

In addition to the JLTV various models, there is also a trailer designed to be towed by the JLTV, known as the JLTV M1289 Trailer.

Miles and our partner, S4 Vehicle
Solutions are looking for any units or commands to field test the new JLTV
solid shelter for the M1279 and M1289 trailer shelter.

M1279 JLTV Shelter
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To learn more about the various models for specific roles & missions, plus the history:

Custom Military LMTV Shelter

Custom FMTV Military Product

LMTV or “Light Medium Tactical Vehicle” Environmental Solid Shelter (LMTV/ESS) fits the LMTV 2.5 Ton/single axle variant and is interchangeable between the truck and the trailer.

MTV or “Medium Tactical Vehicle” Environmental Solid Shelter (MTV/ESS) fits the 5 Ton/double axle variant and is also interchangeable between truck and trailer.

The Miles Solid Shelter was redesigned and developed to install easily with almost no modification to the standard MTV (M1078, M1082, M1083 and M1095).

These shelters are currently finding duty as mobile command posts, comm shelters, contact vehicles and as basic, secure, dry storage. The 1” in additional height (72”) as compared to other standard shelters on the market compared and bows and canvas allow soldiers a little more room to stand inside the unit but still allows for “air transportability” if the need arises to deploy the unit. No more replacing broken bows or ripped canvas with the extreme durability that our shelters offer. Imagine the tasks that are now possible with these FMTV Environmental Solid Shelters from Miles Fiberglass and S4 Vehicle Solutions.

Standard Features:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Pad Lockable for Security
  • Weight- Under 800lbs
  • Interior Height – 72”
  • 6 x two way wentilators
  • D rings for lifting
  • Finish: Sand or OD Green CARC

  • Optional Features

  • Custom Hardpoints for antenna
  • Side and Rear Windows
  • Woodland CAMO CARC
  • Non-Slip Roof
  • Ballistics Capabilities
  • Humvee Composite Hood Repair

    The M998, M1025, M1026, M1035, M1036, M1045, M1046 Series is a military vehicle, specifically a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) or Humvee. Miles offers a Humvee composite repair panel kit which provides reinforcement to protect and repair hoods to end the problem of cracked hoods, and the burden of maintenance down time waiting for replacement and components. The case study for the repair can be viewed here.

    The HMMWV Hood Panel kit includes:

    • 2 ea panels for left and right side
    • Predrilled panels for pop rivet installation including 30 ea pop rivets
    • Non-skid adhesive panels
    • Installation instructions
    • 3M VHB peel and stick


    If you are in the military or work for a government agency, you may be able to obtain this kit through the normal procurement process. Otherwise, you’ve come to the right place. We have gone through the necessary channels to have government issued part numbers assigned for each of these items.

    The Humvee kits have a national stock number 2510-01-547-7220. NSNs are used to identify and manage standardized items of supply in the US Department of Defense supply chain. The kit was tested and approved by TACOM. TACOM’s mission is to provide global materiel readiness to ensure the US Army’s ground forces are equipped and sustained to meet the nation’s defense needs. This includes developing and fielding new technologies, maintaining and repairing existing equipment, and managing the Army’s logistics and supply chain.

    M1035 Hood Panel kit
    Kit Placement
    Vacuum Infusion Process
    Completed Set
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    The Humvee has had numerous variants and models over the years, each designed for specific roles and missions.
    To learn more: 

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    M1101 / 1102 Assault Kitchen Environmental Solid Shelter

    M1101/1102 Assault Kitchen Environmental Solid Shelter (AK/ESS)

    The Assault Kitchen Environmental Solid Shelter was designed and developed to install easily without modification to either variant of the Humvee trailer. While originally designed at soldier request to house the Assault Kitchen, this shelter is finding duty as a command post, a contact trailer and as basic secure dry storage utilizing the large number of light tactical trailers in the field not being currently used. One of the most important features of this shelter is security, it is pad-lockable enabling each unit to secure whatever of value is being stored inside!  The 7” in additional height compared to the standard shelters or standard bows and canvas will allow the average soldier to stand up inside the unit while serving food or doing any of the many other tasks that are now possible with this Environmental Solid Shelter. There is also an I/O Panel to run cabling into the shelter for powering whatever is housed inside while leaving the main door closed. They are constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass materials and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy precipitation. Overall, the M1101/M1101 Assault Kitchen ESS are a highly versatile and adaptable system that provides critical support to military operations in a range of environments and conditions. 

    Standard Features:

  • Fiberglass Composite
  • Flip door w 100lb struts
  • 500lb Roff Capacity
  • Weight: Under 400lbs
  • 73” Interior Height
  • Sand or OD Green CARC Vents
  • Optional Features:

  • Custom Hardpoints for antenna
  • Barn Doors
  • Woodland CAMO CARC
  • Non-Slip Roof
  • I/O Panel and shelfing
  • Ballistics Capabilities
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