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Bus Repair

Bus Repair

For the past several years Miles Fiberglass & Composites, Inc has been repairing electric buses around the United States. This was born out of manufacturing composite components for these buses for a couple of years for Proterra. The buses are all electric and made of all composites. To date Miles Fiberglass has repaired, upgraded and retrofit over 75 buses. With the Proterra bus fleet continually growing, MFC will increase the bus repair technician field and in 2023-24 expand capacity and expertise to include the electrical and mechanical portions of the buses. Miles Fiberglass technicians have traveled to South Carolina, North Carolina, Utah, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Washington DC and California repairing buses. The State of Delaware ship one of their buses to our manufacturing plant here in Oregon for very extensive repairs.

Damaged | Non-Warranty

Was your electric bus damaged in an accident or have an insurance claim? Miles Fiberglass offers a variety of solutions for your damaged electric bus. Contact a representative today to get your bus back on the road. 

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Damaged Electric Bus
Fiberglass Electric Bus Repair
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