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Open Mold Spray


How Open Mold Spray Up Works

Open Mold Spray Up is an open mold process that uses mechanical spraying and chopping equipment for depositing the resin and glass reinforcement. The chopping equipment chops the glass fiber into predetermined lengths and projects it to mix with the resin stream. The resin and chopped glass are deposited simultaneously to the desired layer of thickness on the mold.


Benefits of Using Open Mold Spray Up Verses Other Processes

This process can accommodate very large parts. Only one side of the product will be smooth, however a high gloss can be achieved on the smooth side. It is possible to change mold size, thus creating the option for a wide range of sizes.

  • Low start up costs – molds and equipment are relatively inexpensive
  • Variable size – possible to modify mold sizes, thus enabling a wide range of available sizes
  • Applications for Composites in Advanced Components

    Expensive, high performance resin systems fall into the category of advanced components. Products made for industries including commercial, RVcommunications, military and industrial are the major customers in the advanced components category.

    There are many exotic resins and fibers that are used in advanced composites, but epoxy resin and reinforcement fiber of aramid, carbon, or graphite dominates the market.

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