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Waste Water Treatment

Miles Fiberglass offers a variety of solutions for your waste water treatment facilities. Including fiberglass pipes, launder covers, baffles and more. 


The Launder cover can be made to the specific configuration and dimensions of the clarifier for optimum performance and ease of installation. Once installed, unlike “brush” or “sweep” systems, the Cover operates 24/7/365, requires virtually no maintenance and has no parts to wear and be replaced. Each Cover panel is manufactured of tough uv-protected fiberglass, specifically designed to withstand the rigors of both the application and the environment.

The baffle is comprised of individual baffle sections or “modules.” Each module combines the baffle panel, the bracket, the vents and the mounting and stiffening flanges in a one-piece molded fiberglass unit that offers a few advantages. The new horizontal vents create a jet-like flow that is directed away from the launder/weir wall and won’t impede on the surface currents. You’ll see a reduction in turbidity at the weir and an increase in baffle performance.


Industrial Fiberglass Tanks

Miles Fiberglass has the expertise to build industrial fiberglass custom tanks and scrubbers. From portable water tanks to chemical tanks, Miles can meet the specifications of your requirements. We have the capabilities and equipment to handle and move very large size tanks (up to 15,000 gallons). Let us meet your specifications and expectations whether it is above ground or below ground. Fiberglass Storage Tank applications include:

  • Wastewater / grey water

  • Potable Water

  • Chemical

  • Food/FDA Approved

Utility Options

Depending on your need, Miles can help design and create a Utility Cover that fits your custom design, expectation and specifications.

We work with large municipalities to design covers that withstand corrosive and extreme industrial weather conditions.

MFC also offers a proprietary equipment cover product line that is produced in various designs and sizes. Our fiberglass reinforced laminated construction provides an extremely durable and high strength-to-weight ratio cover.

  • Options available include:
  • Custom colors
  • Insulation
  • Custom vent and hinge placement
  • Fire resistant construction
  • Medium & large production runs
Utility Covers
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Ask us about top-notch repairs for utility buckets. We know that having cracks and damage to your bucket can cause safety concerns. Miles technicians are equipped to get your bucket serviced and back on the road as soon as possible.

Utility Bucket

Photo(s) by David Bohrer / National Assoc. of Manufacturers and Miles Fiberglass by Brian House

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