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Miles Fiberglass and Composites Quality and Training

Spaying Fiberglass

Miles Fiberglass has a well-trained workforce ensuring the most rigid specifications are met. For nearly 60 years MFC has provided exceptional products and outstanding customer service for a wide variety of customers. At MFC we know that our employees are at the heart of our success. To achieve the highest level of quality, MFC initiated a rigorous training program. Our custom in-house training program is called “Learn to Earn” With this program, each employee can learn a variety of skills at their own pace by a qualified trainer.  Once the skill is learned by a variety of tasks, hands-on, and visual modules, they must pass a test.  Once they pass the test, they achieve a wage increase.  The more you learn the more you earn.  These skill sets learned by qualified trainers’ valuable skills and training that have increased quality and efficiencies. We also provide The Certified Composite Technician (CCT) course approved and designed by the American Composites Manufacturers Association. This nine-week course was developed to respond to industry needs for uniform training in technical skills, CCT is the recognized industry standard for evaluating an employee’s skill level and ability to advance, CCT is a large part of the MFC quality program. 50% of our workforce is CCT certified. Miles partnered with Clackamas Community College, and ACMA to help design the Wind Blade Repair Technician course. This certification is a CCT Certification offered through ACMA. Our hand on technical in-house training is extensive with step-by-step manuals and tests. We also offer Certified Forklift Training, and we have a Safety Committee.  

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If you have previous experience with fiberglass or auto body work or have no experience yet want to break into the field of composites and fiberglass manufacturing, apply for job with Miles Fiberglass and Composites, we can help you get the training you will need.  

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