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Vehicle Maintenance

Ultra Bay: Revolutionizing Vehicle Maintenance & Security​

The Ultra Bay® by Miles Fiberglass is a groundbreaking solution for vehicle maintenance & security that takes advantage of advanced materials and construction techniques. This all-fiberglass composite structure is designed to replace traditional concrete pit constructions, offering a range of benefits and applications across various industries.


For maintenance, one of the key features of the Ultra Bay® is its environmentally safe fiberglass lubrication system. Unlike concrete pits, this innovative solution prevents oil, grease, and other contaminants from leaking into the soil. By doing so, it helps businesses avoid costly fines imposed by regulatory bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Furthermore, the Ultra Bay® contributes to a more sustainable future by reducing the environmental impact associated with conventional maintenance practices. Compared to conventional concrete pits, installation time can be reduced by up to 80%. This not only saves valuable time but also minimizes construction costs. The faster installation allows service facilities to become operational much sooner, enabling businesses to serve their customers more efficiently and effectively.


Designed specifically for heavy-duty service facilities and car dealerships, the drive-through lubrication service bays consist of reinforced fiberglass modules. These modules are formed and engineered to withstand the demanding requirements of such operations. Whether it’s automobile dealership facilities, heavy-duty fleet facilities, or government installations, the Ultra Bay® offers a versatile solution to streamline vehicle maintenance & security operations.


In terms of safety, the Ultra Bay® doesn’t compromise. The grated walkways made of non-slip fiberglass are raised three inches off the deck. This design feature ensures that spilled fluids can flow freely underfoot to the sump, reducing the risk of accidents and creating a safer working environment for technicians or inspectors.

Below: Interactive 3D Model – Two Bay System

Security without mirrors

In addition to its wide range of applications in vehicle maintenance, the Miles Ultra Bay® also offers a unique advantage in the realm of border crossings and security. With its robust construction and reinforced fiberglass modules, the Ultra Bay® can serve as a secure pit for inspecting vehicles at border crossings. This multi-functional feature allows border authorities to conduct thorough inspections while ensuring the safety and integrity of the surrounding environment. By utilizing the Ultra Bay® as a security pit, border crossing facilities can enhance their capabilities in detecting contraband, conducting inspections, and maintaining a high level of security, all while benefiting from the cost and time-saving advantages of this innovative fiberglass composite structure. Mount scanners, cameras or any equipment to utilize the bay’s full potential. 

The Miles Ultra Bay® offers a range of applications, including quick lube facilities, independent service facilities, highway inspections, and border crossings. Its versatility and adaptability make it an ideal choice for municipalities and other governmental organizations seeking effective vehicle maintenance & security solutions.

The Miles Ultra Bay has several applications including:

  • Automobile dealership facilities
  • Heavy-duty fleet facilities
  • Quick lube facilities
  • Independent service facilities
  • Boarder Crossings & Inspections
  • Government installations
  • DOT Checkpoints
  • Municipalities, etc.

Custom configured for one to multiple bays.

Video Shown: Two bay configuration

In summary, the Ultra Bay® represents a significant advancement in the field of vehicle maintenance. By utilizing fiberglass and composite materials, it provides numerous benefits such as environmental protection, reduced construction time, and enhanced safety. Whether it’s an automobile dealership, a heavy-duty fleet facility, military or boarder crossings or a quick lube service center, the Miles Ultra Bay® is the modern solution for efficient and eco-friendly vehicle maintenance & security.

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Benefits of Using the Miles Ultra Bay

The vehicle maintenance bay prevents oil, grease, and other contaminants from leaking into the soil, helping to avoid costly EPA fines while also reducing construction time by up to 80% compared to conventional concrete pits. The rapid installation time saves valuable construction costs and allows the service facility to commence operation much sooner. It also provides operators with non-slip fiberglass grated walkways that are raised three inches off the deck, allowing spilled fluids to flow underfoot to sump. 

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