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Vehicle Maintenance

Ultra Bay

Miles Fiberglass and Composites below ground Vehicle Maintenance Bay is an all-fiberglass composite structure designed to replace traditional concrete pit construction, offering an environmentally safe manufactured fiberglass lubrication system. The drive through lubrication service bays are uniquely comprised of formed reinforced fiberglass modules designed specifically for heavy-duty service facilities or car facilities..

The Miles Ultra Bay has several applications including:

  • Automobile dealership facilities
  • Heavy-duty fleet facilities
  • Quick lube facilities
  • Independent service facilities
  • Government installations
  • Municipalities, etc.

Vehicle Maintenance Bay is an all fiberglass composite structure designed to replace traditional concrete pit

Benefits of Using the Miles Ultra Bay

The Vehicle Maintenance Bay prevents oil, grease, and other contaminants from leaking into the soil, helping to avoid costly EPA fines while also reducing construction time by up to 80% compared to conventional concrete pits. The rapid installation time saves valuable construction costs and allows the service facility to commence operation much sooner. It also provides operators with non-slip fiberglass grated walkways that are raised three inches off the deck, allowing spilled fluids to flow underfoot to sump. 

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