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Wind Division Manager – Brian House


Wind Division Manager – Brian House

Miles Fiberglass would like to introduce our new Wind Division Manager, Brian House.  House has been brought onto the Miles Team to oversee and improve all aspects of our Wind Division, including the quality of the technician and experience that MFC Wind Division provides to our wind providers. Already making a great impact, he’s working to get familiar with all aspects of the Wind industry. House has hit the ground running and on all travel, distribution of site information, correspondence with techs, and site reporting, as well as setting up training to name a few. He jumped into creating profile pages for each of our technicians that will improve accuracy and information flow. His involvement includes working with deploying technicians, their equipment, setting up trucks, and more. He switches hats and also serves as our Marketing Director. He was the creative mind for developing and designing our new website into what you see today.

When asked, why Miles and how will you contribute? House responded, “I love working with people and want to work for a growing company with a great foundation. As far as contributing, I possess strong work ethics, morals, drive, energy and the desire to be successful. I believe my skills over the years will allow me to organize the department, drive performance, expand knowledge, save time and money.”

House has been involved with the Clackamas community for several years. For nine years served as a coach for the CUSC girls soccer program. Volunteer with Sunnyside Elementary PTA & Rock Creek MS for his daughter’s schools. Helped local businesses in the area with marketing & design consulting.  On the weekends and downtime, he chases waterfalls, gets involved with his daughter’s activities, photography, golf, traveling, camping, and the great outdoors.


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