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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Experience and Capability

MFC has the experience and capability of producing various wind turbines components parts and can contract wind turbine field repair service technicians. Some component parts MFC has the capability of producing components such as nacells, blades, tail veins, blade caddies, hatch covers and various other parts. Miles is experienced in handling large parts and has 93,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. A majority of the Miles Field Service Repair Technicians are Certified Composite Technicians with experience in Field Service Repairs for such companies as Vestas and Siemens. Please contact us today for more information on how we can serve you with your wind turbine needs.

Responsive Service

Our versatility is like none other; we work in the tower, blade or hub as well as from man baskets. Miles Fiberglass handles all logistics, with licensed technicians on hand, inspections, repairs, and maintenance is completed without delay so you can keep your blades turning around the country!

Put Miles’ blade repair to work in your operation. We are here to help and benefit you.

Unparallelled Turbine Repair

Miles’ experience in repairing wind turbines is unsurpassed. We are able to assess each blade, nacelle or hub damage that occurs on any wind turbine in the country and deploy licensed technicians on the ground, up tower, in the air, or at the port.


  • Preventative blade maintenance and repairing
  • Safe, certified technicians to assist your every need
  • Employing Certified Composite Technicians (CCT) as recognized by the American Composite Manufacturing Association (ACMA)

  • Providing technicians for composite repair, work supervision and blade inspection
  • Employ one of the few CCT instructors on the West Coast
  • Supply all safety equipment necessary
  • We're hiring! Learn more about Careers with Miles Fiberglass.

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