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The Importance of Our Employees to Our Success

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The Importance of Our Employees to Our Success

We believe that our employees are at the heart of our success, and to achieve the type of quality we strive for we have implemented a rigorous training program with the help of Oregon Manufacture Extension Partnership (OMEP). The training program provides valuable skills training that has increased MFC’s quality, efficiency, and job satisfaction. The “Learn To Earn” training program lets our employees be in control of their skills training and earnings.  The more you learn the more you earn.  Through rigorous training modules, testing and hands-on learning from trainers, you can learn new skills at your pace.  

Certified Composite Technicians and Other Training

Employees will receive time from their work to attend CCT (Certified Composites Technician) courses. All classes will take place on-site at MFC in a combination of classroom and production floor settings (I.e. the conference room), or at their own pace, on their own time.  Students of the same English as a Second Language (ESL) level will learn together and progress at their own rate. As a result of these classes: Non-native speakers will advance their English competency levels; Employees will have increased, transferable, work skill sets; CCT certified employees will receive $1 per hour wage increase; Employee retention will be improved; plant productivity/efficiency increased; and, lastly, a Replicable model will be developed for industry use. We are also proud to have on staff the only CCT certified instructor (Bob Fox) in the Pacific Northwest, at this time. We are an innovative company working to build a better tomorrow.

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