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The Humvee – HMMWV

The Humvee

The Humvee, also known as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), has had numerous variants and models over the years, each designed for specific roles and missions.
Here are some of the main models of the Humvee:

  1. M998: The M998 is the most common and basic version of the Humvee, used for general purpose transport and personnel carrier. It can be configured with a variety of weapons systems, including machine guns and grenade launchers.

  2. M1025/M1026: The M1025 and M1026 are armed versions of the Humvee, used for reconnaissance and security missions. They are equipped with a turret-mounted machine gun and can carry up to four personnel.

  3. M1035/M1036: The M1035 and M1036 are variants of the Humvee that are designed for use as utility vehicles, with a rear cargo area and a towing capability. They are often used for logistics and supply missions.

  4. M1045/M1046: The M1045 and M1046 are armed variants of the Humvee, similar to the M1025/M1026 but with improved armor protection and additional weapons systems.

  5. M1097/M1097A1: The M1097 and M1097A1 are heavy-duty variants of the Humvee, used for transport of personnel and equipment in challenging terrain. They can be configured with a variety of weapons and communications systems.

  6. M1123/M1123A1: The M1123 and M1123A1 are improved versions of the M998, with enhanced armor protection and improved suspension and braking systems. They are used for a variety of roles, including troop transport and reconnaissance.

  7. M1151/M1152: The M1151 and M1152 are up-armored variants of the Humvee, designed for use in combat zones with improved protection against mines and roadside bombs.

These are just a few examples of the many models and variants of the Humvee that have been developed over the years. Each model is designed for specific roles and missions, and may have different features and capabilities depending on the needs of the user.

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Meanwhile, the Army has embarked on its latest modernization efforts, including plans to replace the Humvee with the modern JLTV.

Illustration By Hugh Johnson, Osprey Publishing Ltd
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