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Rail Components

Heavy Rail Components

Miles Fiberglass & Composites, Inc has been producing composite interior component parts for refrigerated and insulated railcars since 1990. These parts include interior door panels for the large plug doors of the railcars, as well as ceiling and false ceiling panels, sidewall panels, deflectors, trim strips, and drain pans. Virtually every visible part on the inside of a insulated and reefer car, except the floor is composites. We have worked very closely with our customers as well as manufacturing partners to develop new and more durable products for the railcars and have been able to assist them in taking advantage of the lightweight yet strong nature of composites. This has allowed our customers to realize decreased cost in fuel savings and maintenance budget, as well as increase in revenue by hauling larger payloads.

Light Rail Components

Miles can customize the look of each city’s streetcar to add flair and individuality to your light rail system. Graffiti resistant and scratch resistant finishes are also available.

Using new materials and processes, complete end caps and interior fiberglass component parts are being manufactured at our Portland facility. Working with the company that built light rail cars for Portland, Oregon’s rapid transit system, MFC manufactured rail car components for use in St. Louis, Missouri and San Juan, Puerto Rico to efficiently link central business districts with residential and employment areas.

Refrigerated Rail Car Liners

Miles Fiberglass & Composites produces refrigerated railcar liners produced from Polystrand, a polypropylene co-mingled with fibers producing a high impact resistance/low weight panel. Ceiling plenums and complete railcar doors are produced at our new facility. 

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