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Composite Flat Sheet

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Composite Flat Sheet

Custom flat sheets can be used as liners for custom vehicles. We have recently created custom liners for mobile dental and medical vehicles. The shell can be formed to fit easily over custom window cutouts and leaves a clean sealed appearance. These composite flat sheets are also sometimes used as architectural details and dividers.  

Flat Sheet Advantages and Specifications

Flat sheets have the advantage of shipping and allow customers to cut sheets to part size at a reduced price. All flat sheet stock can meet the ASTM E162, ASTM E662, and BSS7239 standards necessary for most interior/exterior component parts for rolling stock. Sheets are manufactured using Ashland Modar 814A Resin Rovacore or any other specified material as requested from the customer. MFC’s entire production team is commited to quality control and maintaining an accuracy that can be measured to a tolerance of plus or minus fractions of a millimeter. Whether clients require a single item, or a short or long production run, MFC strives to be the preferred supplier of all of its customers. MFC’s fleet of vehicles and specialty trailers assure the safe delivery of products to their customers.  

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