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Our Move

Miles - Front of Building

For Miles Fiberglass, 2020 was a BIG year!  One of our Strategic Goals set in 2015, was to move both facilities into one location by 2020.  We had to deal with the transfer of our Title V air permit, which we could transfer if we were less than six miles from our Oregon City facility.  This narrowed the search considerably.  After years of planning and searching for a facility, Miles Fiberglass found a building on Jennifer Street, with the big move-in date of September 28, 2020, for Oregon City and October 5th2020, for the Otty Rd. facility.  This meant moving a total of 75,000 square feet of heavy equipment, molds, parts, office furniture, materials, and tanks.  Move-in was complete by November 1st2020, and we had a lot to be Thankful for.  

When we set this goal in 2015, we didn’t know a pandemic would break out in March of 2020, packing and partial shutdowns added to the challenge of the move.  We are happy to say we didn’t have one business related Covid Case.  Business increased immensely at the same time we started our initial packing.  We needed to continue to operate during the move to meet our customer demandsand we are proud to say we didn’t miss one day of operations.  When we started the early portion of the move, the Riverside Fire broke out and Jennifer St. was in the Evacuation Zone 2.  We experienced heavy smoke and many employees’ houses were within the Evacuation Zone 1.   

We are now all unpacked, organized, and busier than ever.  A good problem to have.  We are so happy to be in our new facility with our new state-of-the-art laminating and grinding booths, which helps us keep our emissions low, and our work environment cleaner.  Please come by, see us and take a tour.   

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