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MFG Day 2022

MFG DAY 2022

Miles Fiberglass & Composites had the pleasure to host another MFG Day this year and invited the Harmony Academy

It was a clear choice to have such a great school to join us. The mission of Harmony Academy is to provide a safe, sober and supportive gold standard education for youth in recovery, where they can develop the skills and strengths needed for personal, academic, vocational and community success.

Students arrived in the morning and were welcomed by members of the Miles team. Lori Miles-Olund talked to the kids about the history of the company. Chris Bengtson jumped into the safety of the facility and provided glasses and aprons. Alex Luchak gave an overview of the products and services Miles provides. Brian House outlines wind turbine blade and bus repairs out in the field along with a quick touchpoint into marketing efforts. 

Bob Fox met the students in his production area which we had setup a workstation for the students (see the gallery below). Bob talked about the varies use and design of resin and how import it was to get the catalyst resin ratio just right in order to harden in the molds. Little glitter and dye mixed in small cups, students poured their resin into the molds. 

Next, the tour of our shop and the various sections, maintenance, layup, finishing, RV components, military, rail and shipping. We finished the tour in our conference room for a quick MFG Day video and the importance of manufacturing.

The students left with these little resin gems in hand and a few applications for a few to consider working in fiberglass in the near future. Overall a great success with an amazing group.    #MFGDay22 #Milesfiberglass

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