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Manufacturing and Industrial Education CCC

Holden Industrial Technology & Manufacturing Center

Manufacturing and Industrial Education

Miles Fiberglass recently visited Clackamas Community College to tour their brand-new Holden Industrial Technology & Manufacturing Center. The new facility is host to a massive 44,424 Square feet of learning space over two floors which enables increased teaching, training and partner space. This new facility accommodates high-bay space to create areas for specialized equipment for industrial technologies and learning as well as hosts advanced computer labs as well as informal learning /study spaces and general classrooms and has a 120- space parking lot. The project was no small feat to accomplish and took $28-million dollars to complete through funding by a voter-approved bond and in part made possible by an $8-million match from the state of Oregon. It was a real pleasure getting the opportunity to take a tour and see firsthand what the future holds for students wanting to learn in the manufacturing and industrial education sector. Miles Fiberglass is extremely lucky to have great partners in our community such as Clackamas Community College!

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