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Lowell Miles Blood Drive

In Honor of Lowell Miles Blood Cancer Awareness

Today was a great success for the Lowell Miles blood drive. We had 25 participants from the community and our own employees. Each person who was able to give today saved someone’s life. The friendly staff of healthcare professionals help ease each participant nerves, explained the process and cracked a few jokes too. 

The average adult has around 10 pints of blood (roughly 8% of your body weight). Making a blood donation uses about 1 pint, after which your body has an amazing capacity to replace all the cells and fluids that have been lost. Each unit you donate (about 1 pint) can be divided into the three primary components — red blood cells, plasma, and platelets — saving up to three lives

We want to thank the American Red Cross for coming out to Miles Fiberglass and everyone who gave in honor of Lowell.

To donate blood, schedule a visit at Red Cross sites in your community:

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