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JLTV Models

JLTV Models

The JLTV comes in multiple models with different configurations to meet specific mission requirements. Here are the descriptions of the four JLTV models:

  1. M1278 Heavy Guns Carrier (HGC): This model is designed to carry heavy weapons systems, including recoilless rifles, anti-tank missiles, and crew-served machine guns.

  2. M1279 Utility: This model is designed for general-purpose utility tasks, such as transport of cargo, equipment, and personnel.

  3. M1280 General Purpose: This model is designed for general-purpose use and can be outfitted with various mission-specific modules, such as weapons systems, communications gear, and medical equipment.

  4. M1281 Close Combat Weapons Carrier (CCWC): This model is designed to carry a mix of crew-served and anti-tank weapons, making it suitable for close combat operations.

Each model of the JLTV is built on a common base platform and can be configured with different modules to perform a wide range of mission sets. The modularity of the vehicle makes it highly adaptable to different operational requirements, making it a valuable asset for the U.S. military.

Miles Fiberglass stand ready to find solutions to many of the military issues, as that is what we are good at. The JLTV solid shelter for the M1279 and M1289 trailer shelter is a new addition to the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) family that offers enhanced protection and comfort to military personnel operating in harsh environments. Miles and its partner, S4 Vehicle Solutions, are actively seeking units and command posts who would benefit from this new shelter.

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