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JLTV M1289 Trailer Shelter

JLTV M1289 Trailer Shelter

In addition to the JLTV variants, there is also a trailer variant designed to be towed by the JLTV, known as the JLTV M1289 Trailer. The M1289 trailer is a modular platform designed to be used with the JLTV, providing additional cargo capacity and transport capability.

The M1289 trailer can be configured with different modules, such as cargo boxes, solid shelter, fuel tanks, water tanks, and generator sets, to meet various mission requirements. The trailer is designed with a common interface that allows it to be quickly and easily attached and detached from the JLTV, making it highly mobile and versatile.

The JLTV Trailer is a critical component of the JLTV program, providing additional transport capability and flexibility to U.S. military forces. The trailer’s modular design allows it to be quickly reconfigured to meet changing operational requirements, making it a valuable asset for a wide range of missions.

Miles solid shelter for the M1289 is constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass materials and is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, high winds, and heavy precipitation. Overall, the shelters are a highly versatile and adaptable system that provides critical support to military operations in a range of environments and conditions. 

JLTV M1289 Solid Shelter Trailer
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The JLTV M1289 trailer shelter is a new addition to the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle family that offers enhanced protection and comfort to military personnel operating in harsh environments. Miles Fiberglass and its partner, S4 Solutions, are actively seeking units and command posts who would benefit from this new trailer shelter. 

Military units that are interested in the JLTV solid shelter or trailer shelter can contact Miles and S4 Vehicle Solutions for more information on how to obtain them. 

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