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Daniel & GWO ART Certification

Daniel Fandeh

Daniel Fandeh join Miles Wind Services in September of 2021 and started traveling all over the US as our blade technician. We are excited to announce that Daniel is the first at Miles to complete his GWO ART training. 

The GWO Advanced Rescue Training is an additional onshore and offshore safety training designed by the GWO (Global Wind Organisation) for everyone working at offshore and onshore wind farms that do not have any advanced rescue (training) experience nor a valid certificate of the modules. During the 3-day course, employees gain knowledge about how to rescue people at height and in-depth, such as from the wing, basement, nacelle, hub, or confined spaces. With theoretical sessions and practical exercises, participants learn how to act in rescue situations when they are alone and in a team.

Daniel is currently working at Linden Farms in the Pacific Northwest and had the opportunity to visit the corporate office at Miles Fiberglass. His time here gave him the ability to meet the team and learn more about the business. “I’m surprised by the different things we do outside of wind blades.” Daniel worked on a large infusion of a military LMTV project while at the shop.  We also got to know him more on a personal level and his passions, his family and his future. He is a dedicated family man and inspires others to help children back home. He continues to work with foundations to help those in need. We are excited to have him on our team, and are looking forward to enhancing his career as a A-Level tech.

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