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CryoTrans Refrigerated Railcar

CryoTrans Refrigerated Railcar

CryoTrans called on Miles Fiberglass to help develop railcar liners for their refrigerated railcars more than thirty-one years ago.  Being a leader in the refrigerated railcar industry, CryoTrans was looking for a liner that was lighter weightwith greater impact resistance and easier to repair than their existing fiberglass liners.  They called on Miles to help them develop a composite liner.  After many months of working together to develop a design and product the first rendition of a fiberglass liner was developed.  Later, after researching different new materials, Miles approached Cryotrans about trying out a new polypropylene material, called Polystrand.  This material offered higher impact resistance and even lighter weight than the standard fiberglass material and easier to repair.  After many renditions, a Polystrand liner was developed.  With the development of the Polystrand liner, a 45% weight reduction was realized along with increased strength and impact resistance, by a factor of ten.  Removing the weight allows for heavier loads, leading to larger profits.  The high impact quality results in less repairs and down time also leading to more profits.  To date Miles has delivered thousands of railcar liners, bunker panels, and door to Cryotrans for over 31 years.  We are proud to be a vendor to CryoTrans, one of the top leading refrigerated railcar producers in the world.   

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