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Wind Blade Repair Technicians

Miles Answers the Call for Wind Blade Repair Technicians

Wind energy is a rapidly growing market segment for the composites industry and is the fastest growing energy sector. On average, the global wind energy market has been growing at a rate of 23% per year for the last ten years. The need and opportunity go beyond the manufacturing of windmills, when you consider the enormous number of windmills produced and wind farms established, we must not forget the about the maintenance and repair that will need to be done to keep them going. This is a whole new industry that is just starting to surface. When Vestas America needed professional Blade Repair Technicians, Miles Fiberglass responded. Miles currently has 25 wind repair technicians across the country answering the call to repair blades. Miles was able to prepare and provide technicians within weeks of Vestas request. Many of our Wind Blade Repair Technicians are Composite Certified Technicians for Wind Blade Repair certified by the American Composites Manufacturers Association. We are proud to bring the expertise of Composite Field Service Repair Technicians to the field of Wind Power.

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