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Recognizing Exemplary Efforts: Celebrating Achievement Awards for Exceptional Performance and Contributions

Receiving an achievement award for Lowell Miles and Miles Fiberglass is an exhilarating milestone that ignites a profound appreciation for the tireless efforts you invest in your work. It reinforces the significance of working diligently within our business and serves as a wellspring of inspiration to propel you forward. These prestigious awards are thoughtfully designed to honor consistent and exceptional performance, as well as noteworthy contributions made over a considerable period of time.

At Miles Fiberglass, we recognize and celebrate accomplishments that surpass the ordinary expectations of job performance. These accolades not only acknowledge the attainment of performance goals but also applaud extraordinary project triumphs that have a lasting impact on our business. Each award serves as a radiant testament to the remarkable achievements we’ve have.

As the glow of these awards envelopes our business, We’ll let it become a guiding light on our path to greatness. Embrace the transformative power of recognition and allow it to fuel our aspirations, for at Miles Fiberglass, we believe in the unwavering potential of hard work. May this recognition embolden us to reach even greater heights as we continue to contribute to the success and growth of our business.



The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce gives MFC the, “Blue Ribbon Small Business Award”


MFC receives the prestigious, “Business Journal Award”


Lowell receives the, “NFIB Leadership Council Emeritus Award”


Miles receives, “Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science Founders Award”


Lori Luchak-Olund receives National Association of Manufacturers STEP Award (Women in Manufacturing)



Lori Olund receives ACMA – Chairperson of the Year Award


Lori Olund receives PNDC- Les De Asis Defense and Security Leadership Award

MFC receives the OSU “Austin Family Business Award” for Family Harmony


Lori Olund receives Portland Business Journal Women CEO of the Year Award

Miles Fiberglass receives North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award


Lori Olund receives the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce “Women in Leadership Award”

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Lowell Miles Award

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