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When you receive an achievement award, the feeling of winning is great and will make you appreciate the work you do. Working hard in life is very important and being recognized for your work is encouraging. Achievement Awards are designed to recognize sustained, exceptional performance and/or significant contributions over an extended period of time that represents a major portion of the employee’s area of responsibilities, including performance or project goals above and beyond normal performance expectations.


The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce gives MFC the, “Blue Ribbon Small Business Award”


MFC receives the prestigious, “Business Journal Award”


Lowell receives the, “NFIB Leadership Council Emeritus Award”


Miles receives, “Clackamas Academy of Industrial Science Founders Award”


Lori Luchak-Olund receives National Association of Manufacturers STEP Award (Women in Manufacturing)



Lori Olund receives ACMA – Chairperson of the Year Award


Lori Olund receives PNDC- Les De Asis Defense and Security Leadership Award

MFC receives the OSU “Austin Family Business Award” for Family Harmony


Lori Olund receives Portland Business Journal Women CEO of the Year Award

Miles Fiberglass receives North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award


Lori Olund receives the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce “Women in Leadership Award”

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